Some Suggested New Caledonia and Vanuatu Cruises and Activities

Loyalty Islands Yacht Charter

You have unlimited cruising options in New Caledonia and can have a wonderful charter for a weekend or a month and never run out of exciting places to go.

Explore the world's largest coral reef lagoon surrounding the main island of New Caledonia, sail to the Isle of Pines or over to the Loyalty Islands where you will enjoy Ouvea, Lifou, and Mare. Go wild and sail to the enchanted wilderness isles of Huon and Suprise in the Entrecasteaux group. Or just enjoy a leisurely cruise around the protected lagoon and islands within a hour of Noumea's many cultural delights.The Cruising Guide to New Caledonia lists 152 anchorages, from Isle of Pines in the south eastern end of New Caledonia to Huon Island in the NW and you can reach any of them in a couple of days sailing. Note: Noumea Yacht Charter offers you a special 50% Rebate on the cost of the cruising guide to New Caledonia to be deducted from your charter fee.

You can also charter a yacht in Noumea and in just two days of blue water sailing, explore the volcanic islands of Vanuatu. There are no bare-boat yacht charters available in Vanuatu so if you want to explore these islands Noumea Yacht Charter is for you.

New Caledonia Lagoon Island Cruises

You don't have to go very far from the Noumea Yacht Charter wharf to find your first nice anchorage. In a half an hour's sail from Noumea you can be happily sitting at anchor behind one of the most beautiful tropical islets imaginable, mesmerized by the glistening white sand beach, the turquoise lagoon waters with multicolored tropical fish and lush coral gardens.

Bring your own snorkel gear or use the complementary snorkel equipment provided by Noumea Yacht Charter.

Click on the links in the map below to see images and recommendations for a 3 day cruise to the Lagoon Islands nearest to Noumea

Noumea Yacht Charter activities

Photo by Chesher - taken on a coral reef at Ilot Maitre, just a half an hour sail from Noumea.


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5 Day South Lagoon Cruise

New Caledonia is one of the best places in the world to go Kite Surfing, Wind Surfing or just plain surfing. You can bring your own gear or rent it locally.

If you would like to learn the exciting sport of kite surfing then charter a yacht and take a mooring right next to the best kite surfing school in New Caledonia.

Kite Surfing Noumea


If cruising in a wilderness of coral reefs and islets is your goal you absolutely will not find a place on this planet any more delightful than the great southern lagoon of New Caledonia. This is the part of the New Caledonia Lagoon World Heritage Site that really will knock your socks off. Have a look at some of these places in the s Map below.

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The Great Lagoon Regatta

If you would like your charter to be a fun filled adventure with lots of social interaction and a chance to discover the local Melanesian culture join in the fun of the Great Lagoon Regatta. This is an annual event and you can discover the route and details on this Google Map.

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